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Manage all your healthcare needs from one Platform

Tailored services, for everyone

Our goal is to help you make smarter healthy decisions at the most affordable cost by keeping you informed leveraging on data
Remote Pharmacy
Fitness Manager
Health Records on-the-go
Health Insurance

A modular Approach

Connecting all the dots across the health care value chain

Hospitals & Pharmacies

With our growing network of hospital partners, users increasingly get unlimited access to hospitals & doctors. We are automating the processes of our partners to ensure our subscribers get optimal experience

Cooks & Dieticians

Get expert advice on the best dietary choices from our in-demand nutritionists

Health Insurer (HMOs)

We are working with Health insurers to provide you with tailor-made products based on your specific health care data

Gyms & Fitness Experts

With the emerging fitness culture, we have responded to our subscribers’ needs to constantly keep track of their vitals as well as provide fitness tips & access to fitness experts on the go


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